PACK GARMIN ZUMO 590LM + Midland Intercom BTX1 FM

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Garmin launches new browser for bikers, zūmo 590LM

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Garmin zūmo 590LM is characterized by a rugged and stylish computer that features a stunning high-resolution touch screen with 5 inches, the largest market for these vehicles. Thanks to her, the rider can view the information with absolute clarity , even under direct sunlight . It is also possible to handle with gloves because it has a high sensitivity to touch.

Similarly, its rugged housing is resistant to water, fuel and UV rays, making it possible to ride in the rain or something arid land without the GPS will suffer.

Stay Connected
Thanks to the Bluetooth technology that is integrated , it is possible to talk on the phone safely without removing your gloves or helmet . For this it is only necessary to connect the device to Midland BTX1 Intercom (included in the pack) and associate them with the mobile phone to make and receive calls from anywhere.

In addition, this same technology enables users with the Smartphonelink application on your smartphone, go directly to points of interest, a function that can be helpful to make a quick stop to eat or refuel , among other actions. It is even possible to receive weather and traffic information in real time.

Another major innovation of this team is that it has an MP3 player and audio compatibility with Apple iPhone and iPod devices. Therefore , users can enjoy their music both computers connecting via Bluetooth and control the tracks through the device display .

Routes designed for two wheels
Garmin zūmo 590LM offers the opportunity to search the most attractive route to your destination with the option Winding Road . And the new Ignore option eliminates one stage of the planned route and move to the next with ease. By having Trackback is able to record the path made for , if necessary , to indicate where the user must return to the starting point , even off road.

Similarly , it is compatible with BaseCamp , free software that motorists can create routes , waypoints and tracks from your computer (Garmin Connect ) and then transfer them to your GPS . And with the Garmin Adventures feature included with BaseCamp , you can record and share their routes , rate your trip , read reviews, and download routes shared by other users .

In respect to these benefits , zūmo 590LM has Track Draw, which allows you to draw a route planned in Basecamp (using the Draw tool ) and see the elevation changes , which helps to get a clear idea of the difficulty of the path traced . Once a route on roads or other areas , the user must send only route to Basecamp to share with friends and relive the experience .

Added to this the possibility of routes to and from city planning function of time , distance or location is added . To do this , users need to write only what they need and your GPS will take care of finding the most suitable route

It also integrates a service history log that records the dates of travel, mileage and type of maintenance required on their motorcycles such as kilometers traveled with the tires , the pressure thereof , cleaning of channels oil changes, new spark plugs and much more data .

Realism , intersections and points of interest
In addition to the specific benefits for motorcycles include many others that characterize the signature products : Garmin Real Directions, which guides users by reference in its indications monuments , buildings and traffic lights .. And the voice navigation technology own , Garmin Voice Real, sounds natural, nice and close .

Meanwhile, the display providing lanes with junction view combines voice and visual signals , such as , light indicators , to establish the most appropriate lane in which positioned when going to take a detour or an intersection. It also has a database with speed limits and other major roads with millions of points of interest : hotels , restaurants , gas stations, ATMs , etc. .

You should also cite the intuitive search bar makes it possible to obtain integrated results of attractions as they are entered . In turn zūmo 590LM has speed limit indicator , and shows the current speed at which traffic moves in addition to the estimated arrival time at destination .

Lifetime Updates
Garmin has incorporated this new model of service zūmo free map updates Europe complete, so that users are always sure to have the most accurate and complete data. Thus , motorists can travel with peace of mind at any point of geography, because the updates include urban street , directions, restaurants , shops, hotels , shopping centers, etc. . All with the guarantee of the brand Navteq, a leading global mapping .

At full performance , this device adds the ability to incorporate TOPO mapping outdoor routes ( maps and information on attractions can be extended optionally via a microSD card) , and also accompanied by a support for motorbikes and car , which permit its use in different types of vehicles .

Finally, this GPS is compatible with Garmin Virb action camera and monitoring system tire pressure , an accessory that can be purchased as an option. And if a sensor is placed on each wheel of the bike , the user can control the pressure in the zūmo screen 590LM .