Midland Intercomunicador BTX1 Twin


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The Midland BTX1 Twin FM is the first Bluetooth motorcycle intercom function with Universal Intercom allows pair and connect with any mobile phone or Bluetooth motorcycle intercom for any brand, communications pilot-passenger (Max. 10mts away) and now also includes FM radio .

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205,79 €

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  • Stereo Button Play / Pause -Adelantar/Atrás
  • Waterproof (Waterproof)
  • Bluetooth ® Wireless Technology 3.0 with DSP
  • Vox voice activation for operating the intercom or answer the phone (hands free)
  • AGC technology for automatic volume control
  • FM (Stereo + RDS) Radio Built
  • Up to 6 memorized tunes
  • Calitad optimal audio at high speed (DSP technology)
  • Battery Autonomy: 10 hours talk time
  • Programmable via USB (and to configure the device firmware update)
  • Voice messages: provides voice message about device status and battery charge
  • Aerodynamic design, only 18 mm thick
  • Compatible with all types of helmets
  • Connects Bluetooth ®: Bluetooth Phones Móviles/Mp3
  • GPS (with background audio feature to keep the GPS in the background while you talk)
  • PMR446 Radio equipped with Bluetooth for Midland Walkie G8BT
  • Connects between device driver and passenger:
  • iPod/MP3 player stereo
  • Manual Controls: telephone, intercom, FM radio and activation of cable


Includes the following accessories:

  • 2 types of interchangeable microphones (wire and rod)
  • 2 types of media (gag and adhesive), with
  • Audio kit with ultra-thin speakers and charger.